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Under the umbrella of Academy Studios, Elizabeth Koval Maffeo is among professional artisans who create realism art that educate, inspire and entertain. 
Sculpting and painting nature environmental habitats is very rewarding to the human soul.
It's a way of reconnecting with the earth and the various life forms all around us.

Artist At Work

Examples of Elizabeth Koval Maffeo working in different departments in the model making fabrication field. Also sample highlights of models and Exhibit Dioramas.

Examples Of Organic Models

A small portfolio showing a variety of Botanical and Biological model that Liz worked on. Separated in viewing categories: Bats, Rodents, Insect and Spiders, Marine life, Plants: Vines, Plants: Ferns, Plants: Grasses, Plants:Flowering, Plants: Carnivorous, Plants: Asian/Tropical, Plants: Orchids- Epiphytes-Bromeliads, Plants: Trees blossoms and understory