Elizabeth Koval Maffeo is a freelance artist who, for over 30 years, has been capturing the tranquil spirituality of nature in her work. Using a watercolor/ gouache technique, each of her paintings radiates from a central, multifaceted theme with vivid color and sublime texture.

“In my art, I embrace and entwine my Japanese heritage with my love for photography and nature by producing images that capture the essence of cultural mystique and symbolism through extremely realistic detail.”

Elizabeth’s art is conceived in a serial format with an in-depth thematic focus. Her diverse love for symbolism, fantasy and dream imagery pervades each series.

And thus, a new chapter in this artist’s life has unfolded….
From 1998-2015, Elizabeth had the opportunity to create art in the 3-D realm while working in Museum fabrication. During that time, Elizabeth further developed and strengthened her artistic skills by creating models and natural history dioramas.

Currently, Elizabeth is painting, working on commissioned sculptures and volunteering at local museums.



Elizabeth Koval Maffeo
Benicia, Ca
212 555 0110