WE KNOW JACK : Making of the Wishing Rabbit
July -Dec 2014
Elizabeth Koval Maffeo painted the Wishing Rabbit for the WE KNOW JACK public art project. Liz is one of 25 artist who decorated a rabbit to help fundraise for Vacaville Museum.
About The Wishing Rabbit: 
I like to create my paintings with purpose. My vision for each of my painting is to educate and inspire the observer.
My Jack's theme is WISHES. Main purpose is to inspire you to believe in yourself and help to make your dreams come true. Renew hope and happiness in yours or someone else's life. Like a good luck Rabbit.
I will interpret this theme by painting One Thousand Cranes, a Japanese good luck symbol handed down through time. Some of the Origami Cranes (symbolizing wishes, ideals, dreams) will transform into Real Cranes (symbolizing manifestation, creation, reality).