WE KNOW JACK : Wishing Rabbit in public
Jan - June 2015
Wishing Rabbit created by Elizabeth Koval Maffeo

We Know Jack!
-We Know Jack is a public art project to benefit the Vacaville Museum.
-25 large long-eared fiberglass jackrabbits will be decorated, painted, embellished and adorned (artistically transformed) by 25 Bay Area artists from July 2014 thru January 2015.
-When the colony of bunnies is completed with their individual makeover, they will invade and transform the Vacaville community in the spring and summer of 2015. In 2015, they will go on public display for various events before being auctioned off in June.

-The Events:
“Sneak Peek Jack: The Reveal” February 27, 2015. "Jack Around Town: Wishing Rabbit" March 3, 2015 thru May 29, 2015. "Beyond The Rabbit Art Show" April 25 thru July 5, 2015. "Jacks in the Courtyard" May 30, 2015. "Jacks in the Museum" June 2, 2015 thru June 18, 2015. "Hit The Road Jack" June 20, 2015.